Visit Chicago Illinois
Visit Chicago Illinois
Original Southwestern Art at the American Indian Center of Chicago

The American Indian Center of Chicago

1630 West Wilson Avenue

Chicago, IL 60640-5418

(773) 275-5871

Written by Julie Greiner
Southwestern artifacts, jewelry, original oil paintings... where else but from the source? The American Indian Center was founded in 1953 and since its inception the center has been a visible symbol of Chicago's American Indian community for more than 47 years. The Center is located in Chicago's Uptown and is
the oldest urban American Indian Center in the United States.

Original Southwestern Indian Art

Original paintings by Robert are available for viewing and purchase at the American Indiana Center. The museum is open daily and the gift shops affords the visitors an opportunity to purchase true American handmade items by American Indian artisans. An outstanding display of Southwestern items at their finest: jewelry, clothing, handcrafts, original oil paintings and pottery.

The center is located in an historic building and affords many present day projects working with the school systems in educating
Original Southwestern Art at the American Indian Center of Chicago
and exposure of the modern American Indian of today to the true American Indian culture. There are workshops and programs including food pantry services, cultural school tours, Urban Natives of Chicago community youth group, computer training classes.

Sea Scouts of Montrose Harbor

The American Indian Center hosts the "Sea Scouts". The Sea Scouts sail on Friday nights on Lake Michigan on the S.S.S. Red Cloud. The Sea Scouts meet at Montrose Harbor Thursday evenings and at the AIC every Wednesday evening. The American Indian Center of Chicago also houses the Merchant Sea Cadets, the Urban Natives of Chicago *UNC), California Indian Manpower Consortium, AMIC
School/Tour Program, computer classes and the Uptown Multicultural Art Center.

History of the American Indian Center

The Indian Relocation Act of the '50s, operated in concert with a policy of selective termination of tribal status, was a concerted attempt to break up the reservation system. Chicago was the only one of the five original relocation cities without a large in-state reservation. As a result, Native people from tribes throughout the country arrived in Chicago. In addition to the Ho Chunk, Oneida, Ojibwa, Menominee, Sac and Fox and Potawatomi of the north woods, Lakota, Navajo, Blackfoot, Papago, and many others were represented. The result was a multi-tribal community searching for a common social and cultural ground.

Annual Fall Powwow

The most important cultural program at AIC has been the enduring year-round calendar of Powwows, featuring the Annual Fall Powwow. Inaugurated during the first year of operation, the Fall Powwow has been staged every year. The monthly in-house Powwow and the outdoor Powwow have become intimately connected to the identity and indeed the very existence of the American Indian Center of Chicago. The Center is located at 1630 West Wilson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60640 and for more information call: (773) 275-5871.
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